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March 5, 2018

How Digital Marketing Has Changed: Blink And You’ve Missed It

Digital marketing is an ever evolving tool and in this industry you have to be fast in order to stay on track with the latest updates and trends.With more than a decade of experience within this sector, the team at Disrupt Digital have experienced the growth of digital marketing first hand.

After all the changes and implementations that have occured over the years, there is only one thing that we can say for certain, if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind. With that in mind, here are a few major aspects of digital marketing that have rapidly enhanced making the industry what it is today.

Google Has Gotten Smarter

Launching in 1998, Google took the world by storm. Yes, there were early search engines such as Yahoo!, WebCrawler, AltaVista and InfoSeek, but I think we can all agree that the pinnacle of search was not evident until the golden age of Google commenced.

Since its inception, Google has paved the way for marketing tools by developing AdWords and other content targeting services. When advanced ranking algorithms were introduced, browsing online became a more personal experience, and the impact on businesses as a whole was staggering. As a result, it opened the door for marketers to be able to target browsers and develop strategies that are based on consumer search patterns. This has led to an entirely new way of communicating and selling.

Millions of pages across the web are now crawled and indexed by Google Bots making the most relevant ones instantly accessible via search. Tools like AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation now provide businesses with the opportunity to be placed at the forefront of their consumer audience.

Digital Marketing

Social Keeps Us Connected

Across the years we’ve experienced MySpace, Bebo and MSN. It’s hard to believe that over 10 years ago, MySpace was the pinnacle of social media. Little did we know that Facebook would soon be released and outshine all of those that came before it.

No longer a way to simply keep in contact or reach out to distant friends and relatives, Facebook and other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become a way to connect with brands, spread news, provide feedback and even shop! Social media very quickly shifted from a ‘social’ to ‘business’ landscape.

Today, social media channels target billions of users with direct advertising. As a platform that never sleeps, it has opened up the door to a whole new world of targeted marketing for businesses across the globe.

Digital Marketing

SEO Has Grown Up

Up until the mid 90’s, optimising your websites for search engines was a topic that was hardly discussed. By 2004, search engine optimisation (SEO) had become an essential marketing tool used by various businesses across the globe. Techniques such as keyword stuffing, link spamming and article submissions were originally recommend by people who didn’t know better. Now, there are experts in SEO that have ironed out the wrinkles and have cracked the code.

Although still a long-term process, SEO is an essential cog used in a machine powered by strategies and channels. Organic traffic and search are now vital components that should be included in the digital marketing strategy of every business. At the end of the day, it’s still a necessary medium that can be utilised to get your business on the first page of Google.

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Marketing Became More Targeted

For a long time, marketing was all about using tactics to interrupt potential clients, contact them without permission and blindly target all consumers in the hope that they will be interested in your products or services. Communicating with your potential consumers hasn’t always been as advanced and sophisticated as it is today. With the assistance of statistics, better research and higher quality targeting and content, a door to a new way of marketing was opened.

Today, marketing has become an advanced technique that has seen millions of businesses across the world position themselves directly in front of an appropriate target audience. Now, marketing is based on understanding your consumer and appealing to their interests and needs with tailor made information and content. Without this, it’s difficult to move forward.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today is all about earning the attention of our consumers with great content, conversations, transparency, opt-in email lists and word-of-mouth brand building. In order to succeed, it’s important that your business is not left behind! By staying up to date with modern marketing trends and strategies, you will have a step up from your competitors and reach your target audience sooner.

Not sure how to get started? Speak to the one of our experts here at Disrupt Digital today on 1300 859 600 and put your business in front of the right people today!

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