Disrupt Digital



Ben Bradshaw
Founder & CEO
Jason Beddow
Chief Financial Officer
Mathew Carter
Chief Technology Officer
Nick Lunn
Group Sales Director
Rebecca McGready
Head of Marketing
Nic Bedingfeld
Head of Human Resources


Grace James
Administration Manager
Amie Parker
Human Resourses Advisor
Aiden Wallage
Recruitment Advisor


Toby Wilson
Group Outbound Sales Manager
Hayden Elton
Sales Manager, SponsoredLinx
Adam Byrne
Sales Manager, Search Marketing Experts
Jared Sherwood
Sales Manager, Get More Traffic

Client Operations

Paul Pizzica
Manager, Digital Strategy
Max Piagglo
Client Optimisation Manager
David Powell
Client Operations Manager
Doug Carpenter
Web Manager
Adam Chant
Web and Content Manager